King Solomon Coin 1FitAll Bezel + Necklace

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1FitAll Bezel + Necklace

This special 1FitAll Bezel can turn any of the King Solomon Coin seals into a necklace.

In the process of creating each seal coin, sometimes the size of the seal may slightly change between 37.94mm – 38.2mm.

Therefore the necklace comes with 1FitAll expandable bezels to ensure you can wear any of the King Solomon Coin seals.


Bezels Size: Approximately 40 mm
Bezel material: Brass
Fit coin sizes: 37.94mm – 38.2mm x 2.9mm
Thickness: 5.4 millimeters
Necklace Size: 54cm + 5cm extender x 3mm
Necklace material: Stainless steel
Weight: 0.4 oz
Color:  Gold