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Tetragrammaton (side 1)

The Tetragrammaton (TE TRA GRAM MA TON, which in Greek means “the four letters”) is the combination of four Hebrew letters to form the ancient Hebrew name of God, YHWH. This name, the Yahweh meaning, demonstrates God’s self-existence and self-sufficiency and is linked to how God described himself to Moses.

The term "Tetragrammaton" apparently arose in contradistinction to the divine names containing respectively twelve and forty-two letters and formed likewise from the letters Y, H, W, H for only thus is the designation intelligible,

The Tetragrammaton is the ancient Israelitish name for God. According to actual count, it occurs 5,410 times in the Bible

The symbols:
The tetragrammaton is formed by a circle containing a pentagram
Circle: the five points of the tetragrammaton draw a circle, also known as a “circle of protection”. the upper point of the pentagram, which represents the spirit, shelters and controls the four earthly elements water, fire, earth and air.

The spirit symbolizes the divine and governs the four elements.

The water symbolizes emotions and intuition.

The fire symbolizes courage and daring.

The earth symbolizes resistance and stability.

The air represents intelligence and the arts.

Pentagram: The pentagram represents balance person with his feet on the ground, that is why the tegragrammaton is always presented in this way. If it were presented feet up, head down, it would mean the opposite: the goat, the devil, and chaos.

The upper point of the pentagram, which represents the spirit, is the sign of Jupiter, which is similar to a 4, but which is actually the symbol ♃.

In the arms of the pentagram we find twice Mars, in the right arm is the classic symbol ♂ and in the left arm is find the same symbol reversed.

At the foot of the pentagram is the sign for Saturn, which looks like an h but is ♄.

Mercury's symbol is ☿.

Venus symbol is ♀.

The sun symbol is ☉.

The moon symbol is ☽.

Under TE you will find 1 and 2. They signify the unity of diversity and its creative power. The 1 is the masculine divinity (the cross). The 2 is the feminine divinity (the verb).

Under the TRA we find 1 2 3. They signify the trinity: God, Son and Holy Spirit, or Father, Mother and Son.

In the arms of the star we find four words in Hebrew:

the tetragrammaton, "the four letters", which are the name of God

Above the heart of the star, appear אָדָם, which are the name of Adam.

which means Keter, ("Crown" in Hebrew). It is the first sefirah (the first sphere) of the Tree of Life of the Jewish Kabbalah, Keter represents the very essence, timeless and free.

Holy Grail: under the letters “TRA” appears a cup, which symbolizes the Holy Grail

The scepter or Staff of the Patriarchs: above “GRAM” appears the staff of the patriarchs, which is the rod of Moses that guides the people of Israel towards the promised land.

Flaming Sword represents fire with its wavy blade.

The Seal of Solomon, under the letters "TON", was given by Yahveh to King Solomon to give him the power to govern demons.

The Seal of Solomon is bordered by the symbol of the Uroboros: a serpent or dragon that devours itself, forming a circle with its body without beginning or end. It symbolizes the eternal return.

Alpha and Omega, the letters that begin and end the Greek alphabet, capitalize and end the vertical of the pentagram. Together, they symbolize Yahweh, since God is the beginning and he is the end

About Alpha, the Eye of Horus or Udyat is a symbol from Egyptian mythology that means “he who sees everything”

Between Alpha and Omega, the Caduceus of Mercury: a winged rod around which two serpents coil.

72 names of God (side 2)

This formula is called the 72 Names of God.  72 sequences composed of Hebrew letters that have the extraordinary power to overcome the laws of nature in all forms, including human nature.

The 72 Names are each 3-letter sequences that act like an index to specific, spiritual frequencies.  By simply looking at the letters, as well as closing your eyes and visualizing them, you can connect with these frequencies.

The 72 Names work as tuning forks to repair you on the soul level. It means, practically speaking, that you don’t have to go through some of the more physically demanding tests in life, you can tune your body and soul with the spiritual frequencies your eyes do not perceive.

1FitAll Bezel

This special bezel can turn any of the King Solomon Coin seals into a necklace.

In the process of creating each seal coin, sometimes the size of the seal may slightly change between 37.94mm – 38.2mm.

Therefore the necklace comes with 1FitAll expandable bezels to ensure you can wear any of the King Solomon Coin seals.


This seal have great energetic forces that can change a person's energy. may cause nausea, dizziness and general weakness in the first 48 hours. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Please note:

1.  Don't let anyone touch the talisman after you touch it. Because the energy changes. Once a person holds the talisman it belongs to him only.

2. Please do not enter the bathroom/restroom with the talisman because of the holy symbols  and the name of God on it.

Seal Coin Size 1.50 inches
Seal Coin Thickness 2.9 millimeters
Seal Coin Weight 0.8 oz
Seal Coin Material Brass
Seal Coin Color Gold
Bezel Size        Approximately 40 mm
Bezel material Brass
Fit coin sizes 37.94mm – 38.2mm x 2.9mm
Bezel Thickness 5.4 millimeters
Necklace Size 54cm + 5cm extender x 3mm
Necklace material Stainless steel
Weight 0.4 oz
Color Gold

PVC coin sleeve

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