King Solomon 44 Pentacles + 1FitAll Necklace

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King Solomon Coin 44 Pentacles + 1FitAll Necklace

1FitAll Bezel

This special bezel can turn any of the King Solomon Coin seals into a necklace.
In the process of creating each seal coin, sometimes the size of the seal may slightly change between 37.94mm – 38.2mm.
Therefore the necklace comes with 1FitAll expandable bezels to ensure you can wear any of the King Solomon Coin seals.

First Pentacle of the Sun (side 1)

The 'El Shaddai' talisman which is alleged to bring the possessor all things they may desire.

Second Pentacle of the Sun (side 1)

This design serves to repress the pride and arrogance of those who oppose the owner’s wishes & plans.

Third Pentacle of the Sun (side 1)

Serves to attract renown, glory, riches.

Fourth Pentacle of the Sun (side 1)

This serveth to enable thee to see the Spirits when they appear invisible unto those who invoke them; because, when thou hast uncovered it, they will immediately appear visible.

Fifth Pentacle of the Sun (side 1)

It serveth to invoke those Spirits who can transport thee from one place unto another, over a long distance and in short time.

Sixth Pentacle of the Sun (side 1)

Provides invisibility to the possessor at request.

Seventh Pentacle of the Sun (side 1)

This seal reputedly releases one from prison, opening all locks & breaking all fetters which bind one.

First Pentacle of Venus (side 1)

Brings friendships to the possessor.

Second Pentacle of Venus (side 1)

For obtaining grace & honor, and for accomplishing all desires in matters of the heart.

Third Pentacle of Venus (side 1)

This serves to attract love, respect, and admiration.

Fourth Pentacle of Venus (side 1)

this forces any person the owner desires to come to him or her.

Fifth Pentacle of Venus (side 1)

The seal which excites great passion and desire when shown to another.

First Pentacle of Saturn (side 1)

Designed to compel others to submit to the possessor’s wishes & requests.

Second Pentacle of Saturn (side 1)

Great value when meeting with adversaries in business or competitions of any kind. It should be carried when looking for work or negotiating any financial contracts.

Third Pentacle of Saturn (side 1)

Good for use at night when thou invokest the Spirits of the nature of Saturn.

Fourth Pentacle of Saturn (side 1)

This Pentacle serveth principally for executing all the experiments and operations of ruin, destruction, and death. And when it is made in full perfection, it serveth also for those Spirits which bring news, when thou invokest them from the side of the South.

Fifth Pentacle of Saturn (side 1)

Protects the home, and guards all treasures & possessions one may own.

Sixth Pentacle of Saturn (side 1)

Around this Pentacle is each Name symbolised as it should be. The person against whom thou shalt pronounce it shall be obsessed by Demons.

Seventh Pentacle of Saturn (side 1)

This Pentacle is fit for exciting earthquakes, seeing that the power of each order of Angels herein invoked is sufficient to make the whole Universe tremble.

First Pentacle of the Moon (side 1)

Open’s all doors and locks, no matter in what way they are fastened.

Second Pentacle of the Moon (side 1)

Protects against all perils by water, calms one in the event of natural phenomena such as electrical storms, hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes.

Third Pentacle of the Moon (side 1)

Protects against all dangers of travel, all attacks by night, and every danger from water.

Fourth Pentacle of the Moon (side 1)

Defends from all evil, and from any injury to body or soul.

Fifth Pentacle of the Moon (side 1)

Protects against all Phantoms of the night which may cause restless sleep or nightmares, and aids in obtaining answers to questions or problems through dreams.

Sixth Pentacle of the Moon (side 1)

A wonderful magical talisman, designed to bring rain. Place it in water, and as long as it remains there, the rains will continue.

First Pentacle of Mercury (side 1)

Conveys personal magnetism upon the owner.

Second Pentacle of Mercury (side 1)

This Talisman is to gain the impossible. granting wishes contrary to the order of nature.

Third Pentacle of Mercury (side 1)

Used by all who wish to impress others with there literary skills, particularly poets & authors.

Fourth Pentacle of Mercury (side 1)

Assists in gaining knowledge & understanding in all things, and to penetrate the hidden thought of others.

Fifth Pentacle of Mercury (side 1)

Serves to open doors of any kind, for nothing it encounters can resist or defeat it.

First Pentacle of Mars (side 1)

The Talisman for gaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm & all physical accomplishments.

Second Pentacle of Mars (side 1)

Serves with great success against all kinds of diseases when it is applied to afflicted parts.

Third Pentacle of Mars (side 1)

This seal is of value in resisting one’s enemies, and for exciting wrath, discord & hostility among others.

Fourth Pentacle of Mars (side 1)

Of great power towards bringing victory or vindication in an argument or battle of any kind.

Fifth Pentacle of Mars (side 1)

Causes all demons to obey the wishes of the possessor of this powerful seal.

Sixth Pentacle of Mars (side 1)

The owner of this cannot be harmed. If attacked, the foe’s weapon shall turn against him.

Seventh Pentacle of Mars (side 1)

The possessor pronounces the Divine Names of El and Yiai to bring confusion to one’s enemies.

First Pentacle of Jupiter (side 1)

A Talisman for acquiring treasure and for gaining business

Second Pentacle of Jupiter (side 1)

The Magical Seal for acquiring glory, honors, riches, & tranquility of mind.

"Wealth and riches in his home and his righteousness endures for ever."

Third Pentacle of Jupiter (side 1)

Defends & protects against any enemy & against any evil spirits which may linger near one’s person or home.

Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter (side 1)

Serves to acquire wealth and honor and to possess much wealth.

Fifth Pentacle of Jupiter (side 1)

This hath great power to assure visions.

Sixth Pentacle of Jupiter (side 1)

Protects form all earthly dangers.

Seventh Pentacle of Jupiter (side 1)

It has great power against poverty.

72 names of God (side 2)

This formula is called the 72 Names of God.  72 sequences composed of Hebrew letters that have the extraordinary power to overcome the laws of nature in all forms, including human nature.

The 72 Names are each 3-letter sequences that act like an index to specific, spiritual frequencies.  By simply looking at the letters, as well as closing your eyes and visualizing them, you can connect with these frequencies.

The 72 Names work as tuning forks to repair you on the soul level. It means, practically speaking, that you don’t have to go through some of the more physically demanding tests in life, you can tune your body and soul with the spiritual frequencies your eyes do not perceive. 


This seal have great energetic forces that can change a person's energy. may cause nausea, dizziness and general weakness in the first 48 hours. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Please note:

1.  Don't let anyone touch the talisman after you touch it. Because the energy changes. Once a person holds the talisman it belongs to him only.

2. Please do not enter the bathroom/restroom with the talisman because of the holy symbols  and the name of God on it.

Seal Coin Size 1.50 inches
Seal Coin Thickness 2.9 millimeters
Seal Coin Weight 0.8 oz
Seal Coin Material Brass
Seal Coin Color Gold
Bezel Size        Approximately 40 mm
Bezel material Brass
Fit coin sizes 37.94mm – 38.2mm x 2.9mm
Bezel Thickness 5.4 millimeters
Necklace Size 54cm + 5cm extender x 3mm
Necklace material Stainless steel
Weight 0.4 oz
Color Gold

PVC coin sleeve