The Archangel Raphael + 72 Names of God Bracelet Black

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Seal of The Archangel Raphael (side 1)

God's Healer. Archangel Raphael brings healing energy to those who are seeking guidance and inspiration to improve their health & well-being.

He is considered the Archangel of Healing.

72 names of God (side 2)

This formula is called the 72 Names of God.  72 sequences composed of Hebrew letters that have the extraordinary power to overcome the laws of nature in all forms, including human nature.

The 72 Names are each 3-letter sequences that act like an index to specific, spiritual frequencies.  By simply looking at the letters, as well as closing your eyes and visualizing them, you can connect with these frequencies.

The 72 Names work as tuning forks to repair you on the soul level. It means, practically speaking, that you don’t have to go through some of the more physically demanding tests in life, you can tune your body and soul with the spiritual frequencies your eyes do not perceive. 

Expandable bracelet: 23cm when fully expand

Charm material: stainless steel
Charm size: 2cm
Total weight: 8g
Charm color: Gold
Ribbon color: Black