Seal of The Seven Archangels + 72 names of God + 1FitAll bezel Necklace

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Seal of The Seven Archangels (side 1)

The seal of the seven archangels is based on multiple angelic systems is a very old tradition that originates in Judaism. In the science of angelology different sources disagree on the names and identities of the Three, Seven or Ten Archangels. Various occult systems associate each archangel with one of the seven traditional luminaries – the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn – and the ten kabbalistic sephiras, but there is disagreement as to which archangel corresponds. Archangel MICHAEL: Michael ("Who is like God?") is considered to be the most powerful spirit after God himself and led the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. In some occult religious sects, Michael is associated with Sunday and the Sun. Archangel of will, Power and protectionArchangel GABRIEL: Gabriel is one of the two highest ranking angels. Gabriel’s name means “God is my strength.” Archangel of Wisdom, Revelation, Prophecy, and Visions. This archangel helps anyone whose life purpose involves art or communication. Archangel TSAFKIEL: he is the archangel who manages the divine justice, he is in charge of judging each of our actions and to apply a precise and just karma, good or bad, according to the acts we made. Archangel ZADKIEL: "Righteousness of God" or "Grace of God" is the archangel of freedom, benevolence and mercy, He helps us with organization, ritual and creating magic in our lives. Archangel SAMUEL: Archangel Samael (Samuel) is the angel of God's wrath and fury, “Venom of God”, is used to invoke his knowledge of theology and power of protection. Archangel RAPHAEL: God's Healer. Archangel Raphael brings healing energy to those who are seeking guidance and inspiration to improve their health & well-being. He is considered the Archangel of Healing. Archangel HANIEL: his name means "Grace of God", he accompanies you all along the way to have a serene and harmonious life. You can call upon him to develop your gifts of clairvoyance. protect you against all types of negative energies. It will also help to raise your vibratory rate to give you great happiness.

72 names of God (side 2)

This formula is called the 72 Names of God.  72 sequences composed of Hebrew letters that have the extraordinary power to overcome the laws of nature in all forms, including human nature.

The 72 Names are each 3-letter sequences that act like an index to specific, spiritual frequencies.  By simply looking at the letters, as well as closing your eyes and visualizing them, you can connect with these frequencies.

The 72 Names work as tuning forks to repair you on the soul level. It means, practically speaking, that you don’t have to go through some of the more physically demanding tests in life, you can tune your body and soul with the spiritual frequencies your eyes do not perceive.

1FitAll Bezel

This special bezel can turn any of the King Solomon Coin seals into a necklace.

In the process of creating each seal coin, sometimes the size of the seal may slightly change between 37.94mm – 38.2mm.

Therefore the necklace comes with 1FitAll expandable bezels to ensure you can wear any of the King Solomon Coin seals.


This seal have great energetic forces that can change a person's energy. may cause nausea, dizziness and general weakness in the first 48 hours. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Please note:

1.  Don't let anyone touch the talisman after you touch it. Because the energy changes. Once a person holds the talisman it belongs to him only.

2. Please do not enter the bathroom/restroom with the talisman because of the holy symbols  and the name of God on it.

Seal Coin Size 1.50 inches
Seal Coin Thickness 2.9 millimeters
Seal Coin Weight 0.8 oz
Seal Coin Material Brass
Seal Coin Color Gold
Bezel Size        Approximately 40 mm
Bezel material Brass
Fit coin sizes 37.94mm – 38.2mm x 2.9mm
Bezel Thickness 5.4 millimeters
Necklace Size 54cm + 5cm extender x 3mm
Necklace material Stainless steel
Weight 0.4 oz
Color Gold

PVC coin sleeve

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