VASSAGO Pruflas Busas demon sigil Ars Goetia

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VASSAGO .3 ( Pruflas / Busas )

The Third Spirit is a Mighty Prince, being of the same nature as Agares. He is called Vassago. This Spirit is of a Good Nature, and his office is to declare things Past and to Come, and to discover all things Hid or Lost. And he governeth 26 Legions of Spirits, and this is his Seal.

Vassago is a day Demon and rules 26 legions of spirits.

Ruler: ZIMINAR Zodiac Position: 10-14 degrees into Aries
Rank: Prince (Princeps) March 30th-April 3rd
Planet: Jupiter Tarot Card: 3 of Rods
Element: Water Candle color:Light blue
Direction: North Plant: Leek
 Metal: Tin Planet: Sun
Color: Blue Metal: Gold
Incense: Cedar Element of Fire
 Rank: Prince Corresponding Angel: SITAEL


If you don’t know what to do with this seal coin, Please DON’T buy it!

I won’t be answering question about this seal on rituals and how to use it!

This seal have great energetic forces that can change a person's energy. may cause nausea, dizziness and general weakness in the first 48 hours.

 *Not recommended for pregnant women!

Size 1.50 inches
Thickness 2.9 millimeters
Weight 0.8 oz
Material Brass
Color Gold

PVC coin sleeve